Parallel Dance

    Dear Parent/Guardian

    Welcome back we hope you’ve had a lovely half term and getting excited for the End of Year Show. The Showcase is the highlight of the year and culmination of all your children’s hard work . Its a great opportunity to invite friends and family to celebrate their progress and achievements.

    If you haven’t got your tickets yet please make sure you email lucy on lucy@paralleldance.co.uk or purchase them in class. Please feel free to invite friends and family as performing to a full crowd really improves the atmosphere and helps us pay for the hall and lighting technician. We want to continue to do two shows every year so we don’t have to limit tickets but that does mean we need to fill audiences both days.


    We are still looking for Raffle prizes. Bottle of plonk, cuddly toy unwanted Birthday present! One of our wonderful mum’s charlotte does some amazing sweetie box raffle prizes so even a couple of chocolate bars is helpful.


    Have started arriving and will all be tried on and given out next week. Please make sure that they are all paid for by the end of this week. We have sadly already lost money on non-returnable costumes because of students dropping out of the show with just a couple of weeks to go. We don’t make any money from the costumes and source affordable items in this way so it’s very disappointing.

    The dates for the show were given out in August. Please do let Lucy know in good time you are unable to commit. We understand there will be some unavoidable absences but The Show is a big part of your childs Dance tuition. It’s also very hard on other students in the group when dancers drop out this close to the show having to learn new positions or even choreography isn’t easy. The costume lists can be found in class or on your email. Any problems please let us know.

    Term dates

    The week after the show we will be holding fun workshops and open classes, so if your child would like to try any other styles they can for free in this week.

    The week commencing the 29th is Christmas party week. The students can dress up in anything they want Christmassy or party clothes and enjoy some fun dancing and games. If you would like to bring some nibbles lucy would appreciate it!

    Monday 29th Nov- 4.30-5.45 all Hevingham pre school and Reepham Juniors

    Tuesday 30th Nov – 4.30-5.45 all Holt Juniors street & Contemporary and intermediates

    Thursday 2nd Dec – 5.30-7.00 all Reepham Seniors and intermediates, Holt Seniors

    Friday 3rd Dec- 4.00-5.00 all holt pre school

    5.00- 6.15 all holt ballet and tap juniors

    This terms bill can be paid by paypal or Baccs please use the students name as a reference. It’s a 5 week term.

    Hevingham Pre School £27.50

    Holt Pre School £27.50

    Ballet and Tap £30.00

    Contemporary £27.50

    Street £27.50

    Jazz £25.00

    Acro £25.00

    Dance theatre £27.50 Paypal Lucy@paralleldance.co.uk

    Baccs Name Parallel Dance Studios Account 23798539 Sort Code 09-01-29