• New timetable, commencing 21st of February.

    This is the new timetable there will be some moving of students so that we can spread the classes into their right age and ability so we can offer more concentrated teaching therefore helping the students progress better and quicker.

    Ultimately Lucy will suggest what class to move to but if your child feels comfortable where they are or cant move because of times, they can pick which class they would like to be in.

    If you are unsure if your child is moving please email or ask Lucy when she pops into class.

    This will be the class they are in for the next show or competitions and if your student wants to try a new class you can do so for free in that the first week.


    Monday (Reepham)

    4.00-4.45 Junior ballet and tap

    4.45-5.15 Junior Street

    5.15-5.45 Junior/ Inter Acro

    5.45-6.15 Junior/Inter Dance Theatre

    6.15-7.15 Inter Ballet and Tap

    Tuesday (Holt)

    4.00-4.30 Junior Dance Theatre

    4.30-5.00 Junior Street

    5.00-5.45 Junior Contemporary

    5.45-6.30 Junior Acro

    Wednesday( Holt)

    4.00-4.45 Inter Street

    4.45-5.30 Inter Contemporary

    5.30-6.30 Senior Ballet and Tap

    6.30-7.15 Senior Contemporary

    7.15-8.00 Senior Street

    Thursday (Hevingham)

    9.15-10.00 Pre School Ballet and Street

    Thursday (Reepham)

    4.00-4.45 Junior and Inter Contemporary

    4.45-5.30 Inter street

    5.30-6.30 Senior Ballet and tap

    6.30-7.15 Senior Contmporary

    7.15-8.00 Senior Street

    8.00-8.30 Senior Jazz

    Friday (Holt)

    3.45-4.30 Pre school Ballet and Tap

    4.30-5.30 Junior Ballet and Tap

    5.30-6.30 Intermediate Ballet and Tap